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KDS Racing, as we know it today, is a continuation from a two car team, DSR Racing, that consisted of Krisí dad, Dennis and Kris. The team competed against each other and all the other area drivers at tracks thru out the mid-west with great success. Since Krisí dadís retirement in 2003, Kris has continued the business and has invested heavily in capitol improvements. These investments were crucial to the continuation of the team into the next decade.

†Kris began racing in 1994, a year after he married his lovely and supporting wife Bev. He is 40 now and plans to race for the next 20 years. His brother Mike is instrumental in supporting and organizing many aspects of the racing operation. Together they have built and will continue to improve, a professional Sprint Car Racing operation.

Dennis came back to racing a few years ago after an 8 year absence.† He loves the sport and could not stay away any longer.† He now drives the back-up car for the team and has been doing quite well.†

†††††††††† Driver: Kris Spitz

Years Racing: 16 years

†† Occupation: IT Manager